• Dental & Primary Health Care

    Two spaces in one: a general medicine and a dental office in a vehicle.

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  • Women's Health

    Gynecologic office with mastography, ultrasound and mobile lab for an integral female exam.

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  • Diagnosis & Screening

    Vehicle equipped with ultrasound, X-rays, mastogrpahy and clinic lab units.

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  • Ambulatory Surgery Unit

    Preoperative, recovery, sterilization and operating room area.

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  • Custom Health Care Vehicles

    35 of experience qualify us to design and manufacture mobile medical units with any degree of complexity.

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  • Support Units

    Muestra de la cocina de la casa móvil.

    Fully equipped as living spaces, to house patients, personnel or victims.

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Cataract Surgery

In collaboration with the Foundation for the Healing of Cataracts, now Mobile Clinics International offers the service of diagnosis and operation of ocular cataracts for remote communities in Mexico or the world. An outpatient surgical procedure that can treat several dozens of people in a day, with a post-operative consultation the next day, all with world-class quality.

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